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Why the US Marines like it
It's true, we test our tea on humans...ourselves, mostly... but when the marines tested it the results surprised them: Dragon Pearl's tea shots "outperformed everything." Not only did the testers get a great boost of energy, but they had no side effects (well, we told them. :). Here's what some of them said:

I just had some Dragon Pearl Tea instead of coffee and it had great results. I felt more upbeat and my situational awareness skyrocketed. On top of the great taste, I love the fact that it is all natural. You have a great product and it has proven results. Semper Fi,
    -1st Sgt. Curtis Rice

When it comes to pure alertness without side effects, Dragon Pearl green tea shots outperformed everything.
    -Sgt. Maj. Rivera

Got 'em, tried 'em, and I like 'em. I think you've got something here.
    -Colonel Looney, Base Commander

...but what do the critics say?

The kick that Dragon Pearl delivers is fantastic. It provides a powerful kick that is not jittery and manages to be potent without being extreme.

I drank this shot on several occasions and it delivered in a big way. I was focused and energized with a great level of concentration.
    -E.D. Junkie

I took this before running on my treadmill... my focus and energy allowed me to do the mile in 8 minutes and 5 seconds: my personal best.
    -Addicted 2 Energy

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